Llano Drive Residence Case Study

The Situation

Creme Dore Limestone.

A valued client came to us with a Portuguese Limestone that he needed for a private estate in Montecito, California.  He needed it for indoor/outdoor paving, retaining garden walls, stairs and pool coping.  The material was honed and he wanted it to have a different finish for the various uses.

The Consequence

The honed finish is fine for interior flooring but is not suitable for outdoor paving, because it becomes too slippery when wet.

Our Solution

Paving and Coping – Creme Dore Limestone with brushed finish; and, Rock wall – Creme Dore Split-face.

We had the Portuguese factory make a special finish to keep the look of the stone but give it some non-slip texture.  To achieve this we had them sandblast the limestone to give it texture and then brushed it with acid to bring back the color.  The combination was a great success visually.  The interior and exterior flooring color looked consistent. More importantly, the slip hazard outdoors was eliminated.

The History

Llano Kitchen
Counter top – Snow White Quartz and Flooring – Creme Dore Limestone.

Limestone has become a very popular material for Californian contemporary residence where the transition from inside to out needs to be seamless.

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