Your friend in stone

We are a commercial designer’s friend in stone. Our mission is to be the worlds leading stone provider for the hospitality and commercial real estate projects.

Our mission is complete reliability

Our founder and CEO, Stephen Antisdale, takes a handshake seriously. We are dedicated to delivering the best service, product, and customized end results to our clients.

Count on us to:

Rosewood London
Our mission is to take products like the Calucata white marble pictured here and make it design-build worthy.
  • Determine the most suitable materials for your project. The end result will be decreased project maintenance and a property that will deliver throughout the ages.
  • Value engineer thereby reducing project inefficiency and costs while delivering your design vision.
  • Manage our long-lasting relationships with fabricators to deliver magnificent stone production.
  • Facilitate end-to-end project management that reduces labor costs and increases project efficiency.
  • Deliver a customized project that distinguishes the look and feel of a property and builds on the reputation of the designer.

We seek to generate returns by:

Offering end-to-end project management services. We provide everything from international stone selection, technical specifications, budgeting, original CAD/shop drawings,
design-construction, custom crating,  hassle-free logistics, and installation. We are proud to provide stone for hotel, casino, commercial real estate, and luxury residential projects.

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Your friend in stone